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I'm Kelly, the owner and artist behind Eden Woodcrafts. I am a pharmacist turned maker and in the process of pursuing this dream career. My business was started as I navigated my grief journey after the loss of our daughter, Eden Isabella. She was stillborn on August 21, 2017. I started learning to scroll in a quest to cut out her tiny footprints so I could create a sign just for myself. Little did I know that I would find an incredible passion in wood working.

I'll never fully understand why we had to lose Eden, but it is her tiny footprints that have guided me along this path. A path where I can be home more with my boys but still able to provide for them. Without her, I would not have discovered my love for woodworking and would still be working retail full time. I missed so much working so many nights and weekends there and am so grateful I can see a new path for my life with my family. I find love, passion and a sense of purpose in creating your signs. I see the impact they can have and I love seeing my art brought to more people. There has been great healing for me in the scroll saw and I know the art that comes from that saw has brought healing to others!

The signs we make for infant and child loss hold the most special place in my heart. The thought of a mom being able to run her fingers across her baby's tiny footprints or for someone to see their entire family pictured in a piece of art is the best gift I can give. Every day I am so incredibly grateful and blown away to be trusted with these most special memories. 

Thank you all for being here. I am so incredibly thankful for your support. It's because of you that I get to continue making! 
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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


Being home so much more and being a mom to these two boys is the best thing I will ever do. I am so proud to be their Mom and also proud that they get to see the work their Mom creates. Also- how cool is it to see your parents work together?!
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My husband, Nick, has supported this business in every way he could from day one. He has become the master of miters and I hand all signs off to him for framing because no one does it better than him! He also makes just about every lumber yard and Home Depot run for the business... and for that, I couldn't be more grateful! His encouragement and support is the reason I have been able to get Eden Woodcrafts up and running, and the reason it will be sustainable long term! I couldn't do this without him!
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